Friday, January 07, 2005

Orange Slice or Punctuality

As I was pulling out of the SBC parking lot the other day to drive my leaky car to work, I stopped to pull a slice of orange from the half that sat in my lap. In the brief moment that it took to peel the slice off and place it in my mouth I had missed my opportunity to turn right. Like the shutes at a race track, the light at 76th Street had turned green and released the horses. I was brutally close to being late for work already and so as I sat there waiting for the chute to close again I thought to myself, "Why did I peel the orange now." I could have easily done it a minute (or even ten seconds later) and I would've been on my way to work. Instead I was delayed as I looked over my shoulder for the opportune time to make my way onto the race track. Then it dawned on me...the orange tasted good. In my haste to feed my own desires, I had caused myself to be late to work. Was eating a slice of orange better than being on time to work...of course not, but at the time all I wanted was the juicy necter in my mouth.

This is just a small example of what we do on a daily basis. We foresake what we know is better for immediate gratification. I was dissapointed with myself. No so much that I was a couple minutes late (no one even noticed), but that I didn't even think about it. I didn't even think of what was more profitable; I just ate. It made me wonder how many better choices I overlook on a daily basis for the sake of instant gratification...


Anonymous said...

Umm that sounds like my days some times. i do that some times and i also think what if i didnt do that. every thing will change when go to czech every thing did for me here in japan for the better and i've grown alot here and i think you will also leaving every one that you love to serve will bring you closer to every one and to your self. this is what i learned and it took me a long time i over looked this like how you over looked the turn for work. every thing will work out like it is for me here. i wish you the best luck and grace to you. i love you(like a brother)so keep this updated i like reading whats new with you

Alice Robbins said...

Great post! I understand what you are saying. Since getting ready myself to leave for Poland, I have too seen how I do the same thing. I am planning to get to Poland in May! (Lord willing! ☺) Never thought this would be the next chapter in my life just a short a year and a half ago. God is good!
It is so weird to think that in just a few months, we will both be somewhere that is not home but where we want to make home. I look forward to meeting you and everyone else. Hope your good bye time will go well. I am getting ready to go to MTI for five weeks of training.
I too have been blogging my experiences and thoughts
My brother is a youth pastor in Mesa, AZ. He is at the Spring of Life Church. I would not think that you have run into him, but stranger things have happened. His name is Bill Robbins.