Friday, September 23, 2005

40 Korun Profit

The Charles Bridge is one of the most popular sites in Prague. During the day you can find a multitude of vendors selling their various trinkets to eager tourists and during the night the bridge is lined with couples experiencing the romance of Prague, the destitute begging the now not-so-eager tourists, and many different performing acts. Sometimes there are one-man bands. Sometimes there are fire-breathers. Sometimes jugglers. There are always a variety of different performers.

This is the story of two of them.

The last night with my intern team we decided to go to the bridge to say goodbye to the city. We ambled across the bridge, stopping to take in the view of the castle, take pictures, and just enjoy one another. As we neared the end of the bridge someone (it very well could've been me, but I don't remember) got a great idea, "What if Nate and Breanne performed to see if they could make some money? Nate could beatbox and Breanne could dance." I was reluctant to just drop my bags and just "perform", but I also knew this was the last opportunity to see if we could gather a large crowd. Breanne and I looked to one another. Neither of us needed to say yes, the affirmation was found in our eyes. In a matter of moments Breanne had transformed herself into a hip-hop dance and I became a beatboxer. A hat was laid on the ground in front of us and the show began.

Beats were flowing, Breanne's body was "popping" and a crowd was gathering. There was a smattering of applause as we finished our first set, but we were definitely getting people's attention. We began again. Bass, hi-hat, and an occasional scratch flowing from my mouth, while Breanne shook her body all over the "stage". Asians, Americans, Brits, Czechs, Slovaks, all gathering around to see this once in a lifetime show. People's hands dig into pockets for lose change and silver and gold fly into the hat. Even the One-Man-Band, pushing his instruments home after a long day's work, stopped to watch and even throw some of his hard earned profit into our makeshift bank.

We performed for about 15-20 minutes and ended up with over fifty people who stayed to watch at least a part of the show. As we packed up our bags and counted the change we found about 80 Kuron (about 3 dollars). We figured that our friends put about half of it in as motivation for others to do the same. 40 Koruns earned. Not bad for a night's work.


Hepp said...

That is what I call ending the summer on a high note. I was proud of you both , embarrassed for you both, and laughing the whole time. Your beat boxing, dancing and dauntless courage reflect great credit upon yourselves and are in keeping with the highest traditions of our team.

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