Wednesday, June 20, 2007

silver box of encouragement

every once in a while i get a care package sent to me here in czech. regardless of its contents i am also super encouraged by the thoughtfulness of such box.

but, just last week i received arguably the best care package in the history of care packages.

there were many things in it but two items stuck out above the rest:

sweet tee

silver box of encouragement

so, this little box is one of the best gifts that i've ever friend cams (she has a human being growing in her stomach right now) contacted my friends and asked them to tell her things that they love about me. she then printed, lamenated, and cut all of these little nuggets and put them in this silver box of encouragement. so that "in discouraging times, homesick times or even happy times, you can read through our favorite things about you and be encouraged! We love and miss you - The Gang"

you guys rock!

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