Sunday, November 04, 2007

no No Shave November

unfortunately, there was only one response to the call for "no shave november" and it was from Steve who sent me an article about this guy.

thanks steve. we all lose to this guy.

i will continue with my no shave november.

pics to follow.


Anonymous said...

christina and i talked about how we could be a part. but our pre and post pictures would've looked the same. not interesting. you already know what we look like.

BritBoat said...

New pictures please! Well...I suppose I'll get to see you next week...nevermind.

Travis said...

I've got that guy beat...I just have to wait til the last day of November to post my pic.

NO SHAVE NOVEMBER FOR LIFE! nowait...for just november i guess...

Lee Ann Barton said...

so funny you did that...our college students did the same was so funny.

miss you friend