Sunday, January 06, 2008

top se7en (or 12): revisited

my buddy josh sent me an email a couple days ago asking me and some friends to send him our top twelve tracks of the past year.  in an effort to bring about more cooperation i thought i'd post the rules here to get more people involved.

the rules:

1. the song had to have been released in 2007
2. one song per artist/band (this will make it more interesting)

while the standard procedure is to rank the songs in order of "best-ness", please make an effort to rank your songs creatively.  think of it as your personal soundtrack of the year.  if you want to and some comments feel free.  out of the thousands of songs that we've heard this year a little perspective on what makes particular song stand out is important.

please email me the list by Friday 1/11 at: nhughes (at) josiahventure (dot) com.

after they are in josh will compile the songs and i'll post them here.

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