Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Right now I'm in paradise. I am currently sitting in the lobby of our hotel (the only spot to get wireless internet) on the beautiful island of Kauai! I am still in awe with the scenic views and unending possibilities for adventure. I had originally planned on just sitting on the beach, reading, and relaxing after four long years of Seminary, but the lucious green landscape has beckoned to me and I feel like I'd be cheating on the island if I didn't go and try to do more here.

The past to days have been a challenge for my out of shape and study-logged body. On monday, after twenty minutes of surfing (my first time in which I got up multiple times, but only for a split second each time) I felt I couldn't go any more. But with my brother-in-law going strong and a very pretty surfer girl still catching waves I found myself compelled to continue well past my bodies limits. Then today we went on a two-hour horseback ride in which there will multiple times I just wanted to turn Hank (my horse) loose to harken back to the days when I dreamed of being Billy the Kid or Doc Holliday. Then, much to my dismay and tepid pleasure, I found out we were going water skiing on an island river. But after one run of slolem skiing and one run of wakeboarding (in which I experienced a serious face plant and a wicked crash) my body was ready to give up. I am definitly out of shape!! But it was nothing that a margarita, Corona and a belly full of Ahi couldn't fix.

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ostrichisagooddinner said...

Sometimes I feel bad for horses, that people ride around on them. I mean, think about giving someone a piggy-back up Sqaw Peak, or whatever new name that mountain has. Somone once said, "Horses like it" and I thought, "How the flip do you know that."

Girl power is what I have heard it referred to as. When a girl is watching a boy do something, the boy wants to do better, no matter what association the girl has to him. I've heard this in climbing circles. A hard crux is always easier when there is an onlooking hottie.