Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"You are way out of your league."

That is the quote that every guy wants to hear. Every guy wants to be married to a woman who his friends consider to be way too hot for him. Or way better than him. Well, I think that is happening to me!

Love is weird. You never know when it is going to hit you like a baseball bat to the face. It never happens at opportune times and it always changes the course of your life.

Over the past couple of weeks I've fallen in love. It's crazy, but true. I went up to Colorado Springs for training and for a reprieve. I wanted to draw closer to the Lord (which happened) and I wanted to spend some time alone (which happened), but I didn't expect Marisa to happen to me.

This girl is beyond what I could have ever wanted. People always say that you'll know when you meet the person you are going to marry and I guess I believed them, but I have now experienced it. I have also looked with skepticism at those people who meet someone and after a couple of weeks are talking about marriage, but now I am one of them. It is also interesting that after my previous blog about marriage I would meet someone so quickly. God often has funny timing.

Marisa is going to be in Kenya for two years, while I am in the Czech. We have no clue what to expect from this, but we are just trying to trust in the Lord and seek his guidance in how to proceed. What I do know is that God has exceeded my expectations with her. She loves God so much, she loves kids, is passionate, funny, beautiful, dynamic, intuitive, and challenges me to be a better. more Godly man.

I'll quit there, because I don't want this to be too mushy and lovey and crap, but I did want to express what is going on in my heart.

1 comment: said...

Wow. She is hot! :)
I really like your blog and got to read a little bit of it and your profile. I really respect your dedication to God and yet able to take life as it comes and have fun.
good luck with her!
ps. awesome title. 'reality czech,' that kills me :)