Friday, October 28, 2005

Apartment, Part Three: "Finished" Living Room

We still have some plants to buy and some pictures to put up, but our living room is pretty much done! It is nice to finally have a place to relax and "unwind". The bedroom is pretty much finished, but we still have a couple things to touch up.

Here are some new pics.

My Friends Helping Out

Mr. Biceps

The Finished Living Room!


Anonymous said...

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Bigchumpito said...

hey! Nice Job NAte!!
By the way you need to turn on your word verification so you won't get spam comments.

Enriqueta said...

nice job,

hey...are you sure your name isnt bob villa =0

checked out bobby's church very cool, hope to see you when your home. Safe travels.


Kyle Beard said...

Looks nice! I have a suggestion for the picture. You need "The Krammer" picture from Sienfeld. It would fit the room nicely. Great to see you doing God's work over there. Alisha and I will pray for you guys.

Daddio said...


The place looks awesome...sorry I am not living with and playing Madden while you clean and vise versa...I think about you everyday and pray for you all the is good to see you building a home there and getting settled in...Miss you bro and am excited for the new place...

ostrichisagooddinner said...

Nathan. It is unfortunate that one small setup mistake cost you the Elbowlobstercowstand Gold Award.

Next time move the green bottle on the window, and the world will be a happier place.

PS: I'm so glad I read your blog today because I have been really desirous of those gourmet chocolate store realted items. Now all my desires will be satisfied. Thank you Nate. And thank you anonymous poster.