Sunday, January 28, 2007


I love snow.

I love the silence of a city after a snowfall...the way the snow mutes out sound.

I love sitting in my warm apartment watching the snow fall outside.

I love how fresh snow can transform an average town into a beautiful hamlet.

I love how snow can be different. I love how sometimes you can make perfect snowballs with it and others it will barely stick. I love how sometimes you can barely see reflection off of it and how other times it looks like glitter.

I love how white snow is.

Have you noticed how perfectly white snow is? Snow is really white. When I think of perfect whiteness I think of snow...untouched snow. It is amazing.

Have you noticed how dirty snow can get...quickly?

We were created in His image, white, perfect, blameless, like freshly fallen snow. But, so quickly and so easily, we dirty that snow. We turn it brown and nasty. Unfit to be in the presence of a holy and perfect God.

*wash me, and I will be whiter than snow*

But, if we cry out to him, God cleanses us whiter (!) than snow.

Just as quickly as we dirty ourselves, God washes us and makes us whiter than snow.

And we dirty ourselves again...

and He cleanses us...





But at the heart of it, God desiring us to be like be holy. We dirty ourselves and He cleanses us.

When King David cries out to God in Psalm 51 to "wash me, and I will be whiter than snow", David has just been confronted by Nathan about his adultery with Bathsheba. I don't think we fully comprehend what happened. We know all of the great things that David did. We know that he was called, "a man after God's own heart." We have this impression of David as this "holy man".

BUT, David committed adultery and had Bathsheba's husband killed! What if this controversy hit our church. What if your pastor did that? How would we respond? After all of this why is David still regarded so highly by God?

I'm convinced that the reason God calls David a man after His own heart is because of his repentant heart.

Read Psalm 51.

Read 2 Samuel 24:10

David makes some HUGE errors. But his immediate response is to repent. He falls at the feet of God asking for forgiveness.

And God responds...

He makes him white.


Adrienne Gibson said...

Wow...I love the pictures of the snow there AND it looks really really cold. I too love the snow and miss it a great deal right now so enjoy some of it for me. Snow makes things so cool.

jessica said...

heh. hey stalker.
You're back now, eh? You must let us know next time you're here so we can continue the partying. I want to hear more about your trip to the States.

BritBoat said...

Like the new blog. Very...white...