Friday, April 06, 2007

suffering servant

(picture stolen from aubrey's blog)

i don't often write about the bible and theology. its just not my style. i'd rather tell humorous stories or use life to illustrate biblical principles.

but today is different.

today we celebrate (?) the death of a man (God).

i have a reading and reflection schedule for passion week that i've been doing for a few years now.

it starts on palm sunday by reading the gospel accounts of "the triumphal entry".

it continues monday through friday with reading the rest of the gospel accounts of the passion week.

friday afternoon (before good friday service) i watch Mel Gibson's Passion.

it concludes with easter sunday.


this year was different. easter snuck up on me. i really haven't reflected on it much at all.

until this morning.

i read through john's version of jesus' final day (it was totally feeling to it).

so, i read isiah 52:13-53:12

i was moved. here are _my thoughts

jesus was a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief
he bears our grief and carries our sorrows

_he is able to bear our grief and sorrows, because he first suffered. he experienced it.

he hurt.
he felt rejection.
he was lonely.
he longed for justice.
he pined for love.

so do i.

he bears that for me!

he bears !our! griefs
he carries !our! sorrows
he was wounded for !our! transgressions
he was crushed for !our! iniquities

his chastisement brought !us! peace
his stripes healed !us!

_for __________ (insert your name here)

jesus took !our!


and gave !us!


{the Lord} has laid on him our iniquities
it was the {will of the Lord} to crush him
{he} has put him to grief
the {will of the Lord} shall prosper

_it was God's will to do this for us

he makes !us! righteous
he bears !our! iniquities
he bears !our! sins
he makes intercession for !us!

_he takes our sin and make us righteous

schedules and rituals can be good. i love reflection on that final week of jesus' life.

but sometimes our schedules can dull our hearts.

the spirit rocked my heart today with something new.

i'm still going to watch passion this afternoon, but now i feel i'll be able to do it in a spirit of worship and true reflection.


APETH said...


just kidding. steal all you want ;)

beyond the dimensions said...

Thanks for these thoughts! Great blog! Carry on!