Saturday, August 18, 2007

days 5 & 6: tents, naked gymnastics, and psalm 19

this is the difference between morning four and morning five:

we were super excited when we got to the beach:

the beach also had quite a few naked people on it. now, i'm not just saying topless women (a standard at european beaches), i'm talking full on. there weren't a lot and fortunately they were on the other side of the beach, but at one time while jozka and i were surfing i saw a couple of guys doing round-off back handsprings and handstands! i'm including a picture of jozka and i instead to spare you. no one should have to see that:

this is the view i had from where i sat:

we went to a lighthouse last night to watch the sunset on the atlantic. it was the first time i'd seen the sun set on the actually doesn't set. the earth rotates giving it the appearance that it does set. so it was the first time i saw the earth rotate so that the sun appeared to go behind the atlantic:

bye bye sun:


Anonymous said...

really cool pictures. it looks like you guys are having a TON of fun together :)
hi to all of you.

BritBoat said...

so jealous

Christian said...

First of all, I'm so impressed with your photography that I wish you would be in PHX on September 4th because I'm doing a photo shoot.

Others are shooting, and I'm the subject. And you'll be happy to know that at some point I should be swingin a samurai sword, and at another, stitched into a straight jacket.

Seriously, the pic of your bible, journal, pen, and coffee is freaking amazing! I bet people will steal it online (if they find it) and use it as stock photography for their bible study sites. I would.

... so you got an SLR? Wow. K. Bye.

frither.. said...

hi. my name is frith, and aubrey told me to come have a look at your blog. i'm the kind of person who likes to interrupt peoples' lives just to tell them that i think they are amazing and if i knew them, i would want to be friends with them. you are most definitely one of those people! i live in new zealand, but i might see you soon if you're in portland because i am soon to be on my way there, as a matter of fact. anyway. hi!