Wednesday, August 08, 2007

to the left, then back to the right (a shorter, more intense trip than the longbrake)

my buddy josh is driving from from Ft. Wayne, IN to Seattle, WA.

he is doing it in 25 days.

he will see many states.

he will meet many people.


i was supposed to go to greece on sunday.

it was going to cost 600 dollars for eight nights, seven days including airfare, breakfast, and dinner. good price.

but then, three of my friends cancelled.

two were guys.

i decided that i didn't want to go with three girls.

i've spent all summer with two girls.

i like girls, but i also like guys. so we changed our plans.

in order to get my friend jozka to come, we decided to drive to portugal and sleep in tents and buy food from grocery stores.

it will be less expensive.

we are doing it all in nine days.

tentative (and subject to probable change as the wind guides us):

[all dates are august]
twelve_drive prague to barcelona
thirteen_beach in barcelona
fourteen_drive barcelona to madrid (stay with missionary friends...hopefully)
fifteen_drive madrid to sagres (the southwestern most tip of portugal)
sixteen_read in sagres
seventeen_surf in sagres
eighteen_drive to lisbon
nineteen_drive to paris...yeah, the one in france
twenty_drive home

i know there are some people scattered over europe who read my blog. if you live in one of the afore mentioned countries and wish to allow 5 people to sleep for free, please email me at:

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Bill Cosby's Sweater Collection said...

I'll meet you in Lisbon.

That's not true.