Tuesday, December 25, 2007

top se7en albums of oh-se7en

*it should be noted that while these are the top of oh-se7en that doesn't mean that they were necessarily released in oh-se7en, just that i discovered them in oh-se7en

genre: rock

formed: greenville, il

top songs: sundays best, boston, bullets

genre: euro indie rock

formed: stockholm, sweden

top songs: paris 2004, young folks, objects of my affection

genre: indie folk

formed: portland, or

top songs: hardwood pews, finch on saturday, in our blood

genre: soundtrack, light rock

formed: ireland and czech republic

top songs: lies, falling slowly, when your mind's made up

genre: alternative

formed: seattle, wa

top songs: detlef schrempf, is there a ghost, no one's gonna love you

genre: alternative

formed: long island, ny

top songs: buttoned down, this is the end, i'd be lying

genre: alternative

formed: vancouver, bc

top songs: myriad harbor, challengers, go places

honorable mentions:
until june - until june
alligator - the national
begin to hope - regina spektor


A.PETH said...

those are my 3 fav Horses songs...I'm going to have to check some of this other stuff out!

Svatia said...

Augustana is great, I love the whole album. I like how some songs are so culm and some are full of energy.