Sunday, December 30, 2007

top se7en picture of oh-se7en

location: providence, ri

location: somewhere, czech republic

subject: lucka zagorova

location: orlicke hory, czech republic

location: prague, czech republic

subject: aubrey peth

location: katowice, poland

subject: billy van kirk

location: cesky krumlov, czech republic

subject: jessica red

location: pribor, czech republic

|honorable mentions|
location: lisbon, portugal

subjects: jozka, lucka, er bear, em, and me

location: portland, oregon

location: lisbon, portugal

subject: banana

location: prague, czech republic

subjects: matt peterson and jen solstad

location: austrian alps

subjects: johnny stevens and david bordner


Anonymous said...

I like the photos and like the music too. I have seen a few of them in concert. Shawn McDonald, and David Crowder for a two, both were very good. Keep taking good photos.

A.PETH said...

just brillant. (I am a huge fan of that word and a huge fan of these photos!)
..and I'm not just saying that b/c I'm in one of em ;)

debrief buddy said...

it'll take me awhile to catch up on all this reading, but it was really cool to read your summary of those top verses :) i'm cheering for you!

Em said...

and who ate that banana?......