Friday, December 28, 2007

top se7en places of oh se7en

chicago: i am a west coaster through and through, but if i were to live anywhere east of colorado it would be chicago.

company: moody students, beth and dan, martel, bronston

austrian alps: snow wasn't great, but the weather was unbelievable!

company: jv men!

providence: i love visiting new places and providence may be the portland of the with a small town flavor.

company: mullens and bergers

at&t ballpark: bonds' final game as a giant (maybe ever), the city by the bay, the best stadium in mlb, and my dad: priceless

company: dad

puerto vallarta: just a beautiful location.  i don't know if it was the place as much as the fact that i did nothing but read and chill with my parents.

company: mom and dad

portland: my time there just reconfirmed the fact that if i ever move back to the states it will be to portland.  great art and music scene.  city with a small town feel.  great neighborhoods with privately owned coffee shops, restaurants, and breweries.

company: josh, pete, and aubree

portugal: a fabulous vacation spot.  if it wasn't so far away i'd go there every summer for vacation. great food, inexpensive, good surf, breathtaking sunsets, majestic cliffs.

company: jozka, em, lucka, and er bear.

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top spice of 2007:

:) i love love love it.