Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a third interlude

So, you may not think that Rome and Philadelphia have too much in common, but for me these two cities will forever be linked. Not because of their food, the amount of Italians who live there, or even their historical importance for each of the countries in which they reside, but because the two biggest fights my dad and I have ever engaged in occurred in those two cities. The latest of which was a meer four hours ago...

The purpose of this post isn't to recount the details, but rather to share the outcome of this fight. As you can see from the picture, my dad and I have reconciled things. Hard things were said, but reconciliation has occurred. All is good and our vacation will continue!

The fight has really caused me to take a hard look at myself. There are lots of different types of sin, but there is something about interpersonal conflict that seems to really affect people. And it digs even deeper when it is with family. This event, this blow-up that occurred this evening, and the resulting heart-to-heart between my dad and I opened my eyes to a huge area of sin in my life.

Altough my dad and I are reconciled my heart is still stirring inside of me.

I know part of it is because of the hurt that we caused each other today, but the majority is because I have been painfully reminded that I am a sinner. Sometimes I forget. I'm not sleeping around. I haven't killed anyone. But I have these flaws...these habits...that can kill. They can kill hearts. They can kill relationships. They can kill love.

I've let some of these habits run unabaited...unprayed for. I don't want to do that anymore.

Today sucked. No doubt. My dad and I were wounded by today.

But I am also thankful, because our relationship has been reconciled...AND, it has opened my eyes to sin...sin that has probably been causing hurt in others...and I don't want that anymore...

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